Saturday, December 18, 2010

We are alive!

Thanksgiving Day in D.C. We are so Thankful for this country and our freedoms!
The Kids at the National Zoo

Our cute little family
Jack and his new girlfriend Lily...don't worry Emma he still claims you!
At Hershey PA...making some chocolate bars!

Wow! I haven't been on my blog for a long time. I am going to try to create a new post. Not sure if I remember how...let's try. We are now in Maryland! I absolutely love it here! I might not go in 3 years...Brandon is working in Bethesda at USUHS (military medical school) as a commander over the Air Force students. I am still at home with the kiddos and watching other kiddos part-time. Abby is 12, Katelyn is 9, Jordan is 7, and Jack is 4! Life is great!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Brandon turned the BIG 35! Happy Birthday! I love you! And this is why:

You are a great Husband and Father,

You have good taste in college spirit,

You are kind and share with all,

And most important, you are older than me! (and much wiser too!) Happy Birthday!

Family Dinner Night

Brandon and Jordan grilling some ribs.

Abby and Jack water painting

Katelyn's Volcano Potatoes

So, I am trying to involve the girls a little more when I cook. It is hard because sometimes you don't have time to stop and teach, you just need to get it done. This night, Abby made the dessert, Katelyn made Volcano Potatoes from one of her cookbooks, and Jordan helped Brandon on the grill. It was an awesome dinner. We enjoyed it! Everyone helped...even Jack helped set the table.

Dance Recital



Jordan with his friend Ezra and his sister Nadia

Beautiful Girls from the class with Nadia on the end.

Abby and Katelyn take dance from a girl in our church. They love it and they have learned so much. The night of the performance they danced to "Hot Chocolate" from Polar Express. It was a great dance and we had a fun night! Good job girls! Thanks Miss Megan!

Play-doh Fun

So, Jack invited his girlfriend Emma to come play play-doh with him. They had a great time making hamburgers and fries! We love Emma!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Maryanne, Debra, Glenn, Catherine, Jenny, and me

So, my cousin Jenny turned 40 and decided she didn't want to spend her birthday in Utah. So, her and some of her siblings decided to take a trip. They first went to Dallas to pick up Debra and then head down to San Antonio to stop by Glenn's house. It was great to see them all! We went down to the riverwalk and looked at the lights and saw the Alamo. It was so much fun. Thanks guys for stopping by! Happy Birthday Jenny! ps...I am not slumping down, they are all TALL!

Naughty Elf

Magic the Elf hiding in the bread basket.

He made a Fort for himself out of my baking sheets.

The Tea Party with the stuffed animals.

He colored some pictures for the kids.

Scattered the mail.

So, we have an Elf that has come to live with us until Santa picks him up on Christmas Eve. His name is Magic. He is watching the kids to make sure they are behaving and picking up their toys. He is very mischievous and gets into trouble. He also takes toys and laundry and other things that are not put away. He only is alive at night and gets into things then. He has scattered Christmas letters, scattered books, undecorated the tree, gotten into flour and baking pans, had tea parties with dolls, decorated the house in weird ways, and other things. He is definitely helping us get ready for Christmas. We hope he reports well to Santa:) Thanks... Amanda!