Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jack Attack

This is Jack, our wild child. Brandon and I were talking about how grow up he has seemed to be in the last week. I actually went to Sam's Club this week and he sat in the cart the whole time without throwing a fit. Today he said his first phrase, "I did it!" We were having corn on the cob for dinner and I was trying to teach him to bit off the cob. Finally after a few attempts he actually bit off some corn and yelled, "I did it!" We were all surprise to hear that come out of his mouth that we all started to laugh. Then, of course, it became a game. What a goof! Oh...and I got his sweater for $1.99 too!! What a bargain!


weryoungs said...

He is so adorable Kim! I bet you can't believe he's your baby.

S&J Jones Family said...

Jack is a cutie, good job on the bargains! I'll have to go to that outlet, I've never been there.