Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jack and the Tree and Bye, Bye Binkie

So, the night that Jordan and Brandon went to the Spurs game Jack misplaced his binkie. I looked all night for it and finally told him it was lost. I wasn't about to go out and buy a new one that night. So, Jack has been really good and has been without out a binkie for over a week. Yes!!! It is gone. Well, I was telling my sister two nights ago that he had been without the binkie for over a week and that it was still lost. I told her it would show up sometime and that we had to make sure Jack didn't see it because he had been without it so long. Well, exactly an hour after I talked to Emily (luv ya!) I started to take down our Christmas tree. Guess what I found??? You got it!!! I found the binkie high in the branches where Jack threw it. We also found an old cell phone, a ball, a crayon, and a dirty sock. I guess we will just let Jack decorate the tree next year!!! What a two year old!!! But, thank goodness the binkie went bye, bye!


Angela said...

I'd much prefer the extra decorations in my tree. My kids just tend to take everything off the tree.-- Happy New Year!

Heidi said...

Yea for no more binkie!! Congratulations on such a great accomplishment!! We are still struggling with that here...
Love the decorating story! That's the perfect two year old trademark and the perfect reason to not have "too" pretty of decorations:)
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