Sunday, February 22, 2009

Katelyn's Birthday

Happy 8th Birthday for Katelyn! We are so excited for this birthday. In a few weeks Katelyn will be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is so excite to follow Christ's example and make that big step forward in life. Her birthday was on the 9th of Feb. Her dad woke her up and had breakfast tacos from the Cabana waiting for her. We ate those, opened presents, and sent her off to school. Next, Jack, Jordan, and mom met her for lunch at school and brought treats up for the class. Later that night she went to gymnastics, and then we went to Chuck-E-Cheese (mom's favorite place to be :), and then had birthday cheesecake. Yum, Yum....everyone loved! Great Day! We love you Katelyn and are so proud of your beauty and the choices you are making to become a Beautiful Daughter of God!
---love mom and dad


kerridean said...

Happy late Birthday sweet Katelyn. You are adorable!

Shannon and Brad said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn! We got your baptism invite in the mail. Avery kept staring at your picture and saying, "Kately is all grown up now. She looks so pretty!" We love you and are so glad you got baptized. Wish we could have been there.