Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Jack!

Mommy loves....he isn't thrilled!

Jack turned 3 on Sept. 7th. We sure love him. He has become quite the toddler. Some how we made it through the rough and tough, mad and never happy stage. Now we are able to communicate with him much better and he is a lot happier. He is so excited for Halloween. They have "Jack the Jack-o-latern" at Seaworld and Jack thinks that is great. He goes around mimicking him by say, "JACK is BACK!" He is all potty trained...which we are finally out of diapers after 10 years! Yes, that helps the budget. Jack is into anything that has to do with sports and pirates. Happy Birthday, little guy! We love you!


Emily Rosell said...

he's so cute in that cake picture!!!

Shannon said...

Wow! He is so big and so cute.