Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our trip down to Texas

Well, we finally made it to San Antonio. We unpacked the last box today and situated the garage. It feels good to finally see a house and not boxes. The trip down was not the best, but we made it in one piece. Katelyn had the stomach bug the whole way. The traffic in Dallas was unreal!! And BYU lost at TCU bad!! But here are a few pictures of what was good. We got to stop at the American Girl Doll store in Dallas and have lunch with the dolls. The kids thought that was great, but the girls were sad not to be able to buy a doll. Jack was pretty good on the ride down. He even read the road map for me. Note: Do you all love the packed car? Check out all the junk in the back seat!!

Jack eating with his doll at the American Girl Doll Restaurant.

Jordan wanted to eat with a doll too!! He called her Pocahontas.

Katelyn eating with her doll that she borrowed too.

Is this the TCU sign??? Maybe that's what went wrong!

Abby with her doll that she borrowed! The food was yummy!

Katelyn driving in the car with a forced smile because she doesn't feel good.

Jack reading the map...hopefully it is the Texas one!


Floyd Family said...

I'm glad you are alive. We miss you here. It's just not quite the same. Your house looks so cute though. I can't wait to come see it. I'm glad Halloween went well. The kids look great!

Derek, Jill, and Boys said...

Tag your it! Hopefully you haven't already been tagged!

Shannon and Brad said...

We need some new updates here woman!! JK. Go to my blog for a chocolate giveaway contest.

ourhaskellfamily said...

Hey Kim, Amber Haskell here. I just got your Christmas Card today. It is so fun to see your little family grow up! I have gotten into blogging this year too. It has become an addiction, but I have started slowing down lately. I hope to get cards out this year. I didn't last year. I was huge pregnant and lazy! Feel free to come visit our blog sometime!