Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chirstmas Decor and Kids

The kids



The Chirstmas Tree


Jack and his new ornament that Grandma Ruth gave him.

The front of our house.


So, once again we squeezed our 9 ft Christmas Tree in a 8 ft room! The kids were so excited to decorate. Jack had the most fun decorating it. We have a cluster of his ornaments at the bottom of the tree.


Emily Rosell said...

Looks so fun!!! Your tree is beautiful ;) especially with all the kiddos in front of it.

..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

So cute!! I love that you squeeze a 9 foot tree into your room!

Shannon said...

Your kids are all so much bigger than when I last saw them! Crazy. Love your beautiful decorations!

Shanda said...

We still have those Royals hats! Good memories! Your Christmas decorating looks fun!

Kimberli said...

What a pretty Christmas tree! Now I need to come over and see it when it is light outside. :)

Today Lucy asked how old Abby was and if it was okay to ask her over to play. Your girls are always so sweet to her.