Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our trip to California


The Little Redwood Forest!

We are ready to go!

Jack in the plane.

Katelyn and Jack watching for our plane.

So these are pictures of the plane ride out to California. Jack was so scared to get on the plane. He shook the whole time the plane took off. We took 3 planes and one bus to get out there. Plus, 2 hrs waiting in the USO. But we made it safe and the kids were great!

The other pictures are from a hike my dad took us on. My dad loves to hike. The one hike he had planned was closed so we took another hike in this park that burnt down last year. It was pretty much burnt trees, weeds, and dirt. When we curved around the back we saw that the patch of Redwoods survived the fire! We had a great time.

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