Sunday, September 28, 2008

Are you smarter than a second grader???

So Katelyn has made me laugh the last couple of days. I am sure it won't be as funny typed on a blog...but at least I will have the memory written down. So, the first one:

The other day I was looking over her homework. She had completed a full page on one story problem for math. The problem said: Sarah makes stuff bears and uses two button eyes for one bear. How many buttons will she need to make 6 bears? Simple multiplication problem right??? The whole sheet was over this problem. She had to fill out a chart and answer some basic questions about the problem. One of the questions said, "What do you do to figure out how many buttons she needs for 6 bears?" Katelyn's answer was, "I don't do anything...I just count!!" Had to laugh at that one.
A few days before that I was having a very bad mommy day and had put myself in timeout. Katelyn came in and asked if she could call her friend Paige and just talk to her. I told her that would be fine. She came back about 10 mins. later and looked a little discouraged. She said, "Mom, I can't find Paige in the dictionary!" We laughed for awhile on that...she meant directory!
I love you Katelyn!!! You make me smile and you have been so pleasant to be around!! Thanks---mom


Shanda said...

Cute!! Good mom moments! I hope you stay out of time out this week! ;)

Shannon and Brad said...

Oh how cute! Katelyn is so smart and adorable. We love her too.