Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Jack!!!

What a great day!! My baby is now 2! We had such a fun day. It started off with donuts for breakfast. Jack got candles in his that he had a great time blowing out. Then, we opened presents from the family on my bed. He has finally figured out how fun opening presents is and that there is something great inside. Every present he got he would say, "open, mom." It is hard for a 2 year old to have patience on twisty ties on all the toy boxes! He got a lot of fun Thomas the train toys.
Next, we went to Mi Rachitos for lunch. They sang to him in Spanish and he got to wear the sombrero. He thought that was great!!!
Then, we went to Grandma Brenda's for a dual birthday party with his cousin Brady that turned 10 a few weeks ago. We had so much fun seeing family and having Linda's great cake.
It is so fun to have a 2 year old. It is hard to believe he is already 2 and starting to talk and have lots of fun as a kid. Abby, Katie, and Jordan just love him. They think he is great and love to play and talk to him. Happy Birthday Jack!! We love you!!! ---mom

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!

Opening Birthday Presents!

Jack in his Mexican Hat! My cute boys at the Restaurant!

Jack loved his Train cake that Aunt Linda made. Not only was it cute it was very yummy!

Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Justin gave him Leo from Little Einsteins. His favorite!

The Birthday Boys in their Jayhawk shirts.

This is Jackson telling me that he is "2" but holding up 1 finger! Close but not quite!


Shannon and Brad said...

Oh, he is the cutest little thing!! Happy Birthday Jack. Looks the festivities were tons of fun.

Emily Rosell said...

Tell Linda her cake is amazing.

kisses for Jack!