Monday, September 15, 2008

First Day of School

Well, my kiddos started school August 15th 2008. It is so nice and I loving it. Abby is in the 5th grade. It has been very challenging to her, but she is doing great. Her teacher's name is Mr. Conner. She is also in the quest program and goes to 6th Math. We are so proud of her. She will be starting Band or Strings next week and also is in the chorus. Mrs. Richardson is Katelyn's teacher and Katelyn is in 2nd grade. She loves school. She is doing well and also goes to the quest (gifted) program. Jordan is having a blast with school this year. About ten o'clock he is ready for school. Mrs. Hite is his teacher and he has three paras in his class that help out. Their names are Ms. Egan, Mrs. Epperson, and Mrs. Smith. He is in the peer model preschool that is inside the girls school. It is great to have them all at the same place. His class has half peer models and half children with disabilities. Jordan is a great friend to all of his classmates and they LOVE him. We are so proud of him. He goes from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.(when the girls get out) and Jack takes a 3 hour nap during that time. It has been SO nice to have a little free time to get some things done...or just take a nap!! But things are going great and the kids are loving school.

Abby's first day of school-August 15th 2008

Katelyn's first day of school-Aug. 15th 2008

Jordan's first day of school in front of the kids school- Ravenwood Elem. 2008

Jordan and Madison Hermann on their first day of school laying on their preschool circle time mat.


Anonymous said...

hi kim!!! how are you? your kids are so cute? I am so glad you have a blog!luv ya

Shannon and Brad said...

Kim, you're kids are so cute plus they're all gifted!! They must have really amazing parents.