Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tailgate at the Royals

Okay, I am really behind on my blog!! But I have been so busy keeping up on a blog that my friend Carolyn Maddox (she is another BFF!) showed me. We laugh all day at it. If you need a good laugh check it out:

But back to the Royals...and Abby's Birthday! We decided to celebrate with family and friends by tailgating and watching a Royal's Game. We had so much fun. It was free Santa Royal Hats give way and so Aunt Linda made us a Royal's Santa was great!! Yummy! Brandon and his dad cooked hot dogs. We had lots of other yummy food!! We brought spray bottles and sidewalk chalk for the kiddos to play with in the parking lot. The spray bottles were a hit! Jack drank most of the water from them.

The game was the best...for those of you (Amanda Floyd!) that had to leave to get kids in bed????? What a game! The Royals hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th to win the game. I was sure that Amanda and Chris Tourtillott's good streak was over!!! (The Royals have won every game they have been to) But they pulled it out in the last inning.

Uncle Jason was picked for the Midwest question during one of the innings to have the chance to win two free airline tickets anywhere in the U.S. He won!! Good Job....but I found out later that Jason told Brandon he was going to look straight at him for the answer...shouldn't that mean that we get one of the tickets???? (Comment to let me know what YOU think!) Jason, I believe, is taking his wife to Hawaii. Lucky dogs!! But we all got to have free Midwest Airline cookies. Not as good as on the plane, but better than nothing. So, the question was something like this: "What is the dish in baseball?" Do you all know????
Well enough on are some great pictures! Once again...Happy Birthday Abby, we love you! ---mom

The girls hangin'out eating some yummy dogs!

Sorry can't escape this picture!! Hi Morgan!

Cool shades BFF!

Amanda and Clifton and George.

Jenny and Jay....they are way too happy to need a trip to Hawaii....hand them tickets over!

Uncle Chris is way to cool for this party!

Uncle Leon is ALWAYS cheering for the wrong team!!! Go Broncos!

What a cake...thanks Aunt Linda!

Jack and spray bottles...yummy water!

The whole clan...and Amanda on the phone...again!!!

Claire and Katelyn

Jack and Brandon

Avery...we love you!

Uncle Jason on the biggest HD screen in the world!

Wuz up, Nile??

Dan and Shanda and Family

Abby and Madie

Boys will be boys...Jordan, Brent and Jack.

Jordan and Uncle Justin

Royal's Stadium


Emily Rosell said...

cute pictures! Love the cake!
I didn't know Jack got a haircut! He looks so grown up now! Fun family pictures!

Michelle said...

Looks like you guys had fun at the game! Did you know that we had our ring ceremony at the Royals Stadium?! We are huge baseball fans....Go Royals and Cardinals!

S&J Jones Family said...

You are so funny. I'll have to check out that blog you guys were talking about.

Shannon said...

They definitely should have given those tickets to you! This was such a blast. I like the pic of the hot chick in shades.

Shanda said...

That was so much fun! Thanks for helping us to have the best summer of my life!