Sunday, July 20, 2008

Date Night on Lake Hillsdale

Brandon and I were invited to go with Brian and Tammy Beck to Lake Hillsdale, just 30 minutes south of Olathe. We had a great time! Brandon was more successful on the lake than I was...for sure!! He really enjoyed wakeboarding, and was pretty good at it. Yes, that is my talented husband that is great at any sport. Johnny, check out these moves! I wasn't able to get up on the wakeboard, but the water was sure nice!:) We took a picnic out there and ate on the boat. It was great to watch the sun set! Thanks Becks!!

Brandon helping me put on my boots. Below is Brandon showing off his great tricks!

This is my success in the water!

Brandon in the water with the sun setting.

This is my friend Tammy. She is awesome in the water. The night we went out she got a hold of my camera and went camera crazy. She took lots of pictures...most of which we will throw out because they were of me. But, I was able to steal the camera and get a great picture of her!! Love ya Tammy! (this is the power of having a blog!)


weryoungs said...

This looks like a ton of fun. We just got back from Hillsdale Lake. It's a lot of fun. Love these pictures!

S&J Jones Family said...

That picture with the sun setting is pretty. Looks like fun!

Michelle said...

Looks like fun! Don't feel bad, I can't get up on the wakeboard either :)

softball~stud said...
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softball~stud said...

Looks like fun... I wanted to come see you guys so badly this summer but it didnt really work. Hopefully soon it will! I cant wake board either! i tried last week and it was really hard! ill stick with snowboarding!!! :) Enjoy the rest of the summer!

<3/ kenna