Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bike Ride

Last Saturday we went on a bike ride with our friends the Youngs. We had a great time. The kids did really good. We took a bike trail in Overland Park. It was so pretty and shady so it wasn't that hot. We stopped and let the kids play at a park. After our bike ride we had a barbecue with the Youngs at their pool. It was lots of fun. Thanks Brad, Shannon, Bronson, Avery and baby Gavin!

The bike you think we could be in the summer Olympics next month???

In the pit...the bike mechanics...Brandon and Brad.

Abby and Jack

Avery, Abby, Gavin, Bronson, Katie, Jackson, and Jordan

Gavin and Shannon


weryoungs said...

Oh what cute pictures!! I think we have the cutest kids in the whole world. This was a blast our BFF's the Tourtillott's!

S&J Jones Family said...

How fun. In the first picture it almost looked like Shannon has a belly shirt because of her arm. I had to do a double-take.