Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jack's Haircut

Yesterday I decided that Jack was due for a haircut. So, I got out the clippers and away we went. He did really well and likes to get his hair cut. I let him hold his hair and he just threw it. I think he looks like a little man now. This is actually his second hair cut. What a cutie!

Let's go mom....wait I am not so sure about this!!

Work in process.

Look what I have!!! Yes, this is my hair.

The finish product. Jack loves cars and trains. Sometimes he will sit in his room and play with them for an hour or so. A lot of the time he likes to line them all up. Then he will take them to a new location and line them all up again. This process will repeat several times throughout the house. He loves his Chevron cars the most. We don't go anywhere without them, especially when we are headed for church or to a restaurant.


weryoungs said...

What a cute boy and growing up so fast.

S&J Jones Family said...

What a cutie!