Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We had a wonderful 4th of July. We went to Rich Hill, MO to visit Grandma Tourtillott and to hang out with the rest of the family. The population in Rich Hill is about 2,000, but it is known for the 4th so there were lots of people there. They have a parade, a carnival, booths, and music in the town square. The kids thought it was so much fun.

When we first got to Grandma's house we were glad to see Grandma, Aunt Linda, Aunt Marilyn, and Uncle Leon. Jack had hugs for them all. Then Grandma Brenda and Papa showed up. They brought Amy and her 6 wk old twins, Jacob and Alexis with them. They are so cute and have grown a bunch. Jack loved the babies!!! He was so good with them and thought it was fun to hold them. We noticed that Jack and Jacob were wearing the same outfits. Of course we had to take lots of pictures of them together. You have great taste Amy!!!

The kids had lots of fun at the parade. They loved collecting all the candy. Jack thought he had to eat every piece he got. Boy, he was wired all day!

One of the booths by the carnival was to take a picture with the monkey Neiko. The kids loved the monkey. If you gave the monkey a quarter he would put it in his pocket and shake your hand. If you gave him a dollar you got a picture of him. If you gave him five dollars you got to hold him and take a picture with him. We thought it was worth it for the kids to be able to take a picture with him. The monkey loved Jordan. He hopped on his back. He was also kissing Jordan's cheek. The monkey was very protective of Jordan. It was really funny. Jack just kept pointing and making monkey sounds.

We are so grateful for the country we live in! How blessed we are to live in such a great place. It was so fun to see all our family!

We made a fruit flag for lunch! It was very yummy!

Jack telling Uncle Leon that the Broncos are the best!

Jack and Aunt Marilyn

Jack is a cookie lover so he had to give Aunt Linda lots of loves for cookies!

Jack and Grandma Tourtillott

Jack gives his mommy loves!

Jack loved holding baby Jacob. He also thought he was a baby too!! Jack do you remember you old car seat that you passed on to Jacob????

Uncle Jason has a lap full of turtles! We miss you should come visit more often!

The kiddos collecting candy from the parade.

The parade made Abby hot and worn out!

Jack loved baby Alexis. He thought her toes were funny! Isn't she sweet?

The kids waiting to hold the monkey Neiko.

Here is Neiko, the monkey!!

Is Jordan allergic to monkeys????

Does Neiko want a piggyback ride?

Check this out!! What a cute picture!! Can you tell which monkey is Neiko?

The kids are in the green airplane waiting for take-off!

Jack is that a pink car you are in?? Yes-it was the only one left. Jack loved the ride and cried to get off.

Brandon bought a few firecrackers for the kids to light and watch. They all loved shooting them off with their daddy. Jack was so funny to watch. He would take the already let ones and put them out and pretend to light them. Then he would run from them and say, "Whoa, Whoa!" It was so funny to watch him. He did really good with the sparklers. Overall, it was a great day!

The smoke over took this picture of Katelyn.

Abby lighting the skies.

Jack, our little firecracker. I think he had the most fun!



Emily Rosell said...

I love the monkey pictures. Amy babies are so little and cute! Sounds like you had a blast - we missed ya!

S&J Jones Family said...

Looks like you guys had a fun 4th of July! Cute pictures, the flag dessert looks very yummy!!!

weryoungs said...

Oh my goodness, these pictures are great. I love the ones with the monkey! Cute kiddos.

kim said...

Thanks...I kinda think my kiddos are cute too!