Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Glasses for the Girls

The girls each got new eye glasses this month. They look so cute in them. This is Katelyn's first pair of glasses and Abby's 3rd pair. Abby's eyes hadn't changed much, but we went ahead and got her a new pair. Katelyn is real proud of her new glasses. She is a lot like Aunt Em...and has been begging for glasses for MONTHS!! Finally her wish has come true. We will see how long she will love them. The poor girls got my bad eye sight. I was able to get Lasik this last November and I love it!!! It is a miracle. I wish I had done it a long time ago. It has been many years, if ever, that I have seen 20/15. I love it!! And to get up in the middle of the night and see the alarm clock is awesome. I think Brandon is grateful too because I don't ask him the time in the middle of the night, don't complain about dust in my eyes at the ballgames, and I am able to swim better with the kiddos. Brandon has always had 20/20 vision. Hopefully the boys will get his sight!!


weryoungs said...

They look so cute in their glasses!

S&J Jones Family said...

Katelyn was telling me that she was getting glasses. She was pretty excited. I really wanted glasses when I was little, too. I have bad eye sight. Spencer got lasik but I haven't warmed up to it yet. It scares me. :)

The McCullys said...

Ahhh, the girls look great in their new glasse. Also, I'm so excited to keep in touch on your blog. I have a blog too. Here is the link. I have to tell you though...I'm not the best at updating frequently.

Tell Katelyn "hi" for me. I hope you guys had a great summer!

softball~stud said...

haha! they are so cute in there glasses! i miss them tons! I wanted glasses... now i have them and hate em! tell them all hello!

<3/ McKenna